Within the nature reserve, we will make a small ecological village consists of 30 original homes. Each house will be fueled by solar energy and wind energy pure considered beneficial nature. All water used is purified by entirely new methods of beneficial health prevention of various types of disease in humans and animals can be reused again.

The garbage and human waste will reuse via a digester for the production of methane gas. Avoiding contamination of soil and water. We will use the system that purifies water naturally turning dirty water to clean water with results never before presented so efficiently.

Everything will be done in an open environment with many reforested trees, ornamental plants to facilitate the temperature, there will be lakes, roads for cycling and leisure. There will also be equipment for sports and exercise.

The Residents will be a team teachers, doctors or scientists, or partners who support the project and want to know the project more closely. Also growers of crops of fruit agribusiness. They will live in a harmonious space and very nice sound system.

The houses will be built with non-aggressive material nature, will have a space approximately 8 meters wide with 20 long. Will be wide futuristic design. With 01 room 3 bedrooms kitchen 01 02 bathrooms and 01 yard. Cable TV and high speed internet.

The big attraction of the house is air conditioning system. The ambient temperature in the region is around 28-42 degrees Celsius. Our great advantage and add air cooled system in a wind power grid and solar.

There will be ample room for alphabetization, unfortunately illiteracy rates and very high in the region. Courses, lectures and seminars. We need to inform the public about the importance of preserving the environment. Avoid deforestation and poaching and illegal capture for breeding of animals in captivity. An area of the village will be focused on scientific research where we exchange with various universities or foundations from around the world.