National Confederation Protection and Regulation Commercial and Amateur Creators of Domestic and Wild Animals of Brazil.

Was founded in 1972. In 43 years has been fighting to protect quite significantly and alleviate the suffering and extinction of animals. Offering sustainability, protection and better welfare conditions.

We work in combating suffering and abandonment and against the mistreatment of wild and domestic animals.

We are pioneers in supporting the regulation of wild and domestic animals in Brazil. For example, parrots, turtles and others. Our mission is to support. Make shelter for abandoned animals and protect them. We give priority to the sick, disabled without mobility, blind, deaf, cancer, injuries, mainly assault victims. Be they small or large animals.

We offer full support in the fight against uncontrolled procreation, which most often leads to abandonment and death, for not having a proper support for survival.

Also we rehabilitate wild and domestic animals from the streets and do campaigns so that they can receive a new home with appropriate requirements for adoption or return to nature.

We believe in our seriousness. Capacity and knowledge acquired through the fantastic rewards and experiences during the long years in each case and special process we treat. Where we made history and changed to better living conditions of thousands of abandoned and suffered no chance of surviving animals.




It was founded in 2001. With intention to promote social inclusion and its active ingredient, preserve the environment through the selective collection, advanced by means of recycling.

The IBR is doing hum job information and dissemination on the Internet displaying all affection the care and protection of people and the environment through technological and innovative systems to 15 years.

Over the years man has polluted the planet constantly. Especially from the beginning of the industrial age. Everyone knows how that gas emissions in general has terrible consequences bring a modern time. As global warming. It is very common to see too much rain in some regions and other total dry. Hurricane, intense rays and earthquakes. inconstant time contaminated water and forests being devastated. As glaciers at the poles are melting at an alarming rate, making the ocean move increasingly to the mainland and being destroyed, the elements that give balance to support life.

Thousands of people are suffering and animals dying man’s selfish action only thinking about win Money bill without effective protection measures for the environment.

The IBR Comes with objective and solutions with efficient methods through promising results. The Recycling was the best way found for Immediate fight against pollution has been a major violation of the planet destruction.

It is necessary to take measures radicals in relation to any aggravation caused to nature.

As the industry did not stop issuing pollutants harmful to life. Leaving future generations as impaired and committed imaginable effects.

The Planet Earth cries for help It is all our responsibility protects it.