Our assistance and emergency flatness comes directly contemplate many species of animals that are dying of thirst and hunger. We will save him from death, protect them and keep in perfect state of preservation and harmony. We will make a protected area for the reproduction of environmental conditions due to the preservation and increase of the species

We will create reservoirs of drinking water treated with natural elements and protecting health, well appeal to bring the animals in the region that can quench your thirst and keep them fully protected and that they live in the reserve with quality and satisfactory security. We will provide all necessary assistance to the welfare and full protection and preservation of the reservation.

The Bio animal will offer speeches and important information on deforestation, combating poaching, illegal capture for breeding of animals in captivity.

There are many animals that are dying of hunger and thirst, also killed the capture and illegal predatory muslin as shown in the attached picture.


Concriz 01, Cancão 02, Periquito 03, Asa branca 04, Gato do Mato Maracajá 05, Lagarto Teju 06, Sagui 07, Beija-Flôr 08, Mocó 09, Gato do Mato Pequeno 10, Veado 11, Gato Mourisco 12, Tamanduá Bandeira 13, Gambá 14, Seriema 15, Tatú Bola e Peba 16.