A big difference from the Oasis in the northeast from Brazil Project is this new concept. All donations will be applied in building a self-sustainable agribusiness. Through the rural production and sales of products the profits will be allocated to construction, production and maintenance of the following intensities:

Agro-industry self-sustaining generates a new carbon credit concept with zero emissions.

Reforestation of native forest urgent. This turning almost a desert. Let’s do an environmental reserve with priority to save the animals themselves. They are dying of hunger and thirst. The amounts of rainfall in the region are few:

  • Ecological village with 30 houses for the employe’s families. With zero-emission pollution.
  • 36 kinds the most important fruits and commercial value in the world.
  • A factory of cassava flour for important local food and starch and animal feed.
  • The best wine for the production of special wines origin of northeastern Brazil organic.
  • Sugar cane plantation organic.
  • Construction of a mini brown sugar mill organic.
  • Vinegar manufacturing 100% organic.
  • Mini distiller for making a genuine Brazilian Cacha├ža in the hinterland.

Fish breeding with more than 50 species endangered. We will protect them and preserve them. Also will be created another breeding for commercial purposes for the region. There is difficulty in finding commercial fish sales.

Bee breeding for producing a high quality honey. And pollination of plants.

Spirulina one of the natural dietary supplement more complex adopted by the diet of NASA with numerous health extraordinary benefits to the population.