White Tegu (Tupinambis teguixin L.) also simply called teiú, or Tiu, teiuaçu, tejuguaçu, teju, tejo], teiú -açu, Tiju, tejuaçu or teiú Brazilian is a family lizard Teídeos (commonly called tegus, tejus or Tegus) known for his aggressiveness and voracity. If molested first tries to escape, but being impossible, it defends violent blows with the tail.

Live in forested regions, high vegetation and cultivated fields, but is also seen in urban areas. Reaches up to 2 m long, making it the largest lizard Brazil.

Long and pointed head, strong jaws provided with a large number of small sharp teeth. The color pink tongue, long and forked. Log and rounded tail black general color, with yellow or white spots on the head and limbs. Puppies are greenish coloration that disappears according to the development of animals.

It feeds on small mammals, birds and their eggs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, worms and crustaceans. It also does not reject juicy fruits, leaves and flowers. It is known as a chicken thief, it attacks chickens and sucks their eggs with extreme greed.

It is the most common lizard in Brazil and is found from southern Amazon to northern Argentina. It inhabits mainly open savannah areas, but can be observed in more open forests. It is a species that lives on the ground near the low grasses and rocks where sunbathing. Oviparous puts on average from 12 to 30 eggs, usually in termite stations, which are incubated for a period of 90 days